Institutional Research Committee

In order to promote research activities among faculty and students, institutional research committee is formed. The committee calls for applications from researchers quarterly every year, conducts meetings, reviews the proposals and gives clearance for them. Committee also reviews the progress of ongoing projects by calling for submission of interim and final reports. Student researchers are promoted to apply for “Short Term Studentship” program of ICMR as well as to conduct researches in individual interests. Institutional research committee periodically conducts research methodology workshops and offers every technical and academic expertise in guiding the researchers.

1. Dr. T.B.Culas ( Principal & HOD of General Surgery)

2. Dr.Chandrika C.V ( Professor and Head , Dept of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

3. Dr. Sunil.N.Menon (Associate Professor, Dept of Pharmacology)

4. Dr.Vishal Babu G.N (Associate Professor, Dept of Biochemistry)

5. Dr. Vinay Kumar.N (Associate Professor, Dept of Anatomy)

6. Mr.Deepak.K.S (Statistician cum Lecturer, Dept of Community Medicine)

7. Dr.Divyamol.N (Assistant Professor, Dept of Community Medicine)

IIMS Palakkad